frog rock

by spit-take

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released April 2, 2016



all rights reserved


spit-take New Haven, Connecticut

three piece diy punk band outta new haven, ct


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Track Name: turn the car around
i'll be strong from now on
face my problems head on
tomorrow i'll be alright
tomorrow i'll be just fine
but tonight...
this can't go down
just turn the car around
Track Name: something sometimes
been feeling real cloudy
are bad decisions catching up to me?
it's not like i'm sick but
i've been feeling all gummed up
sometimes it's not alright

treading water at a party
you were a beacon you were bright and shining
it's not like i wish you were mine
it's just something that i think about sometimes
sometimes, sometimes, sometimes

when i'm looking at you
i don't know what to do
Track Name: sideways
pushing around town
with something to smile about
everything's blue-green
cuz last nite you kissed me

learning all about you
driving beneath the moon
everything's lovely
cuz last nite you loved me

i've been feeling alone so long
just hanging on
and then you came along...
Track Name: how 'bout you
have you been thinking about living alone?
Track Name: gloom
it sucks
growing up
were you exempt
from the torment
of being alone

did you forget
how bad it gets
were you immune
from the gloom
of being alone
Track Name: a candle
i'll always keep a little candle burning for you
it's a weak light,
but i have to

i'll always think about how badly
things ended up between you and me
i'll always keep a little candle burning

in a window
your cold glow
burns me
Track Name: awful long
for such an awful long time
your hand in mine
Track Name: long for home
i can see it in your eyes
i know what you need from me
you say it's alright
but there's something you can't see
behind this boy's mask
i am an alien
on a planet alone
such is my condition

and i long for home
bruised my legs,
self confidence,
i long for home
you choose to wait
it don't abate
i long for home
they haven't made
a ship to save
i'm stuck alone
Track Name: rain-soaked new york
on an infinite loop
walking around with holes in my shoes
rain soaked new york's like a message from you
when i get back i'll be sure to return that
Track Name: the natural facts
last year was a long year
like this year is a long year

i stayed on top of the laundry
cleaned my clothes
smelled a little better
got laid a little more
found a job i don't hate
got the hell outta school
moved down to bellevue
learned about the natural facts

but last year was a long year
like this year is a long year
Track Name: devotion and magic
will you want me around
if i go to see your band
in north brooklyn

when we're alone
we're doing it wrong
coming on too strong
learning about passion,
devotion, and magic

drunk train ride home
we sit alone
when we're alone