by spit-take

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spit-take's first five songs, as recorded by will killingsworth at dead air in leverett, ma on september 14th of 2013.


released September 15, 2013



all rights reserved


spit-take New Haven, Connecticut

three piece diy punk band outta new haven, ct


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Track Name: coffee filter
waking up long before anyone else
running out of the toilet paper josh just bought
you could pack a bag full of the things that i've forgot

waking up long before anyone else
the coffee filter's a blank will and testament
when you've figured out the kind of shit this is

when you've figured out you can't even talk to them
Track Name: clean water
the room spins slowly
its osciliation in tune
with warped records and thoughts of you
i'm probably going to puke

drinking clean water will never be a bad idea
but i'm waiting on the liquid
to dillute this shitty milieu
and i'm waiting on you, too
Track Name: heat
drinking beer in the afternoon
walking all the way home from school
we've got the solstice, the equinox
ahead of us

yeah, there's heat
see the light refracting of the street?
and yr jeans are all cut-off
god damn, i wish i had the guts
to let you know

yeah, there's heat
but i wanted this summer to be just you and me
Track Name: the grounds
there are things you can explain,
and there are things that are unexplainable,
but then there're the patterns we're forced into
the glue

there are things you can endure,
or there are things that are unendurable,
but then there're the assholes we pay to be around
the grounds

the shit that i try to avoid still drags me down
Track Name: fair trade
opination unfettered
in every trashed love letter
each over-thought response
dyin' tryin' to make a prognosis

i think i had a shot
and maybe that's a fair trade
yr time for my aloofness in spades
yeah, maybe that's a fair trade
maybe not?