garbage in my heart

by spit-take

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our first full-length! to be released as a 12" LP by shitty present records summer 2014.

recorded and mastered on 2/15/14 by will killingsworth at dead air studios.


released February 16, 2014



all rights reserved


spit-take New Haven, Connecticut

three piece diy punk band outta new haven, ct


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Track Name: on yr birthday
on yr birthday
we sang
harmonizing gloom
and kissin' out of tune

by yr next birthday
you had found him
and i forgot to text
drinking 'cross the midwest

this is my apology overdue:
i never meant to
Track Name: fucking lose
when you were a kid they told you:
everything you ever wanted to be
was feasible, a reasonable path to seek

but they lied
to pacify
to placate,
they're running their own hopeless race
and they lost

you lose

they're old,
bought every lie they were told
and passed the burden to you
to die in a world so screwed

you lose
and it isn't even up to you
you lose
fucking lose
Track Name: pardoner's tale
spit, snot
petting yr cat til 2 o'clock

i'm packing up to get the wrong address
take a left to pull outta my head
neil young headed for the big divorce
me wishin' i could just stay the course

snot, spit
chapped my lips on a goodnight kiss

and on the long drive home
i feel a lot less alone
yeah, i don't want to go out w/ you
Track Name: skate-park kid
i wanna know how it feels
when you say that you believe
what a perfect reprieve
like, so totally

i'm becoming an old man
my day is a struggle to understand him
i go to the park on the weekends
maybe just roll around a bit

skate-park, skate park kid
waxing up embarrassment and snapping a 360 flip
skate-park, skate-park kid

do you dream in perjorative?
hurling admonishments
and calling flip tricks at nothing
we're all embarrassed, but you're humiliated
we all fuckin' hate it

i wanna know how it feels
when you say that you believe
Track Name: i'm yr napkin
i'm a slotted spoon
i'm scooping shit, but it falls right through

i'm a tarnished fork
at the back of your silverware drawer

i'm a dull blade
that you wanna throw away

and i'm your napkin
bleach-white and paper thin
not quilted or absorbent
or anything you ever wanted
Track Name: like last night
i'm not thinking about it tonight
just gonna go on with my life
no more reaching out for the phone
no more waiting up all alone

i'm not thinking about it tonight
not like i thought about it last night
last night, last night, last night
it sorta ruined my life
Track Name: the way you want me to
it's a long walk down
and if you wanna walk with me
i don't even fucking see
what the fucking point would be
why you gotta say those things?

if it's something that you really mean
i just gotta think one thing

forget it!
cuz i'll never walk with you
like i'll never talk to you:
the way you want me to
Track Name: don my hide
it's scientific efficacy
and ethics, you see?
determines how it has to be

do you wanna cut me open?
crawl inside
don my hide
then you'll see
Track Name: nod off
my day's been so bad
i can't believe it
i need to get some work done
but i just nod off

this shit feels so bad
i can't believe it
i can't go to sleep yet
but i still nod off

i'm not anemic
b12 deficient
i just got some dreams that i haven't finished
this world is so fucked up
i'm feeling pessimistic
i need to get some work done
but i just nod off
Track Name: oatmeal
i've told oatmeal and coffee grounds
even our house cat knows by now
every sidewalk in this shitty town
i've told them all as i mope around

but it'd hurt to
explain it to you

i buried it in a compliment
hoped you wouldn't pick up on it
my feelings keep haunting me, yeah, i buried 'em in a shallow grave
just like i bury everything i try to say

but it'd hurt to
explain it to you